Body Inspiration #beautifulbody

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Ebony bodyFor some it’s the media that shape their mind and for some they are the media interpreting the love for your body differently, they make you see the beauty in their body and they make you instead of wish for their body, they make you see the beauty you have inside of you, your complexion and the pride in the size and shape that you are and that’s Mz Nyra, she’s the body you’ll dream of and she’s super proud of it and we love her for that.Mz Nyra

The everyday life we live, different information and message and articles we come across on a daily and they shape our mind differently, making us understand who we are and what we can do different but some image you’ll see and you’ll be motivated to be the best version of you because that’s what we are meant to be and that’s what they hide from us, they only tell us about the approve size and class people into different category making some feel accepted and those that don’t fit in get depress and they work their whole life struggling to fit in, to be the approve size, endless chase because every-day is a new day for a new rule and a new trend.Sexy body

Many were not the trend some years back but they are today, like that quote, if you’re resilience enough the mainstream will come to you, so don’t try to be accepted and be like the mainstream, find yourself first and be your own mainstream, rule your own world because that’s the first thing in living free and not living under the unending rules of the society making you to understand your body less.