Body Too Beautiful; Adorn It

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The body is too beautiful to be covered so we adorn it instead, we beautify our body with the style of our heart, making trend the best way we can for that’s what we’re created for, to make style interesting and make people’s stare worth the while, making them wish for what we wear and how we wear those things we wear, style we inspire, showing the world that you can wear anything, everything and you’ll still be great how you look.

Style is of the heart that’s why fashion says me too when you standout in the crowd, not by how expensive but the fit and the vibe you wear the outfit with, how confident you appear, the look on your face says it all.

Fashion Girl

First tap into what you crave, the look you have in your head, how you want to look and the vibe you want to be of, then source from your wardrobe which piece possess the vibe and from there you pick colors that fit the mood and the vibe and so you be the vibe when you’re done selecting those pieces.

It’s Friday you should be nothing but fabulous and be of all shade of interesting, be the attitude of the day, life of the party.