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Nude Bodies

Photographed by Kelechi Amadi

In his image we are created, not made out of second thought, deep thought was put into the creation of humans; many details were paid attention to, he was thorough, so we are very special. We are appreciated and our body is glorious, full of adoration and power, we are made to be glorious beings.

Adoration of the body is acknowledging the great work of God, his creativity skills that every body have emotions for itself and other bodies, emotions that create feelings, respect and humility.  Sexual feelings make you adore and worship the creator, the structure of her body and curves, beautiful mold of her breast and ass. Her lips and how pretty they look every time she paint it with red lips stick, you get lust in them, savoring the sensuous taste of her lips mixed with the taste of sweet red lipstick.

His taste of elegance he put in us for the admiration of other bodies, joyful movement of the face during play. Tender smooth neck, humble shoulders that hold strap of your bra with pride, soft hands and the magic your fingers are capable of, feelings and joyful sensation they make travel through the spine when they work their way on a body, caressing and caring for the earlobes. Tenderly they treat hard, worshiping it strong pose of confidence, capable to bring all hidden feelings to life, awakening the idea of possibilities, the realization of freedom and joy. Washing away of intense moment of pleasure and joy when the juice cum, making the body relaxed and alive, full of energy and alertness.

Beautiful Black Girl

Photographed by Kelechi Amadi

Breasts are glorious and comforting, always welcoming and happy when they stare. Soft and playful, expressing how they feel with the nipples, strong and shy, bold sensational feel in the mouth when the tongue play with them, wonders they make when they play host to hard, soft briskly toggle. Beautiful sweet tummy, lovely waist that house the band of your pant with sexy comfort and pride dictating our beautiful rhythm. Pleasure of seduction and lust, the temptation we happily fall for, finding and imagining the treasure that lay underneath, freshly waxed skin that rest beneath the lacey pink pant that smell of you, fragrance that intoxicate and fill the head with the idea of lust, pleasure and tenderness, thin rich lips that part gloriously welcoming hard with grace and joy. Moist and narrow the pretty smile they wear during sex. The sonorous sensation and the silent noise they make when we make love, longing for more depth to be felt, marvelous joy it feels inside of you where nothing else matters, just you, just your face that transform into the celestial passion of pleasure and enjoyment, the happiness inside of you create, beautiful butterflies. Easy, slow and steady the pretty smiles it creates on your face revealing your dentition bright and pretty and bold too.

The ass makes one appreciate the curve, soft but strong enough to fit jeans, showering them with kisses and oil, moisturizing them like a masseuse because you know their worth and how glorious they lure one to sleep when you hug one from behind with hands on your boobs. Tiny base of your tong between the parted lips of your sex build dreams of erotic pleasures, dark picture of naughtiness, moist and fresh, slightly warm underneath with beautiful fragrance.