Bold Enough

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Qlue Photos

Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Our truth the world judge because they don’t believe us, they believe we’re hiding something; they care to know us to judge us not to respect it, that’s their aim, even though they’re told the truth they accept what they believe as the truth and shove the ones they don’t in their ass.

Often times they suspect people in my line of job as being gay, they force the title on you even though deep inside you know you’re not, they make you doubt yourself and find out who you are. The truth you told but they see it as marketing, what they perceive they judge as the truth.

Respect we’re yet to embrace, professional ethics too, corporate flirting still a thing, offering your body to get what you want is the trend, guys sometimes wish it happen to them by a female employer, little female employers we have though, it would have make climbing corporate ladder easy, we have random sex after-all, offering sex for growth, more money and fame is not a bad idea from some guys point of view, some get such offer but decline, some jumped on it. Vogue stop working with their celebrated photographers some years back, people in my society thought it would never happen here until #churchtoo became a thing, cue work place harassment will come under fire some day but until then we’ll cross our fingers and wait till it will unfold.

Qlue Photos - Makeup

Photographed by Mouyor Buttons

Because we deal with lots of girls in our line of work they see us as pimps, opportunity to have sex often with almost any girl because we work with army of girls, if you don’t do that they see you as gay, only homosexuals don’t have sex with girls, the question often is what do you feel when you’re styling, I wonder what I’m suppose to feel rather than creating the vision in the head, that’s what matter most.

It will take awhile for people to boldly come out, for people to be respected for what they feel, sex we want differently with the person we want it with and because you work with different girls does not mean you have lots to sleep with, self respect matters too, they just want to work and earn a living like you too, not through sex but creating art, photography and using their beautiful body for marketing to make people shop what they model and the message they help interpret, that’s what matters. Sex is life no doubt but have it right and true, never hold yourself back, do not abuse, rape or take advantage for your selfish reason.