Boring Perfection; Made for Now

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Perfection is boring, you start dying the moment you become perfect because when you’re perfect, you start to die, a perfect world we can never achieve because it’s a boring idea, it’s we wanting the world to die, the very moment you stop to advance you become obsolete, so why should we be perfect, after-all that popular line is everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die, because really dying process is never fun, it’s horrible.

We aim for perfection because that’s the idea that raised us, to be a competition, to have enemy, someone you’re fighting against, you want to be more, perfect than the other person and so we struggle and nurse horrible thoughts sometimes.

The idea of perfection is to conquer it all to the point where there’s nothing left to be made perfect, no more purpose for life, but new day means new existence, new task to get done. Every day we hope for something new, we live for something, even though the situation at the moment seems to have no hope embedded in it, but we still live, we still aim at being perfect to the point where we start to die, when new are fulfilled, the society taught us to aim for death because they taught us to be perfect, they wire us that way and we see perfection as a positive vibe but this is earth, things don’t happen like we dream.

Sharon Ojong

Not living in the moment is like missing out on all of the fun, living a distracted life, hoping for the future when you’re still in the present or regretting the past and wishing for something you can possibly change but the past you can’t undo and the future, once you’ve seen it, it can never be the same again, that you have no control over because you are made for now, the present, that’s where you have the power to change, so it can either change the future and make it more interesting or to help correct the impression and the mistake of the past, all power is in now, all power is in you to evolve every day, living in the moment and making the maximum use of the resources available to you at that moment; create, live and work not because you’re aiming to be perfect but because it’s the vibe of the moment, keep an open mind.

Though the idea of perfection might seem like a motivation but in the real of it, it’s a ripple effect that pitch us against each other in a competitive way, robbing people of the beauty of the moment and also them making use of their mind less for the moment. When it’s perfect you can’t add to it, and life is a work in progress, you can’t really jump to the end, something will always lead you to the end, another version of perfect, when its perfect that means it’s the end of that piece, nothing more can be added to it but life itself is a work in progress, we can only aim for perfection in life but it’s always boring after we’re perfect.

So enjoy the process and live through time without the aim of competition or being perfect or being liked, just live at your pace knowing you’re enough, you’re the version the world need, you can affect the world and make it interesting, don’t bore the world with your existence, be fun and be you, do all the fun and be a unicorn if you can, nobody is pressuring you.

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