Break All Rules and Be Fun #TBT

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Fun Girl

All of our lives, from the beginning of time, it has been the creation of history and memories that makes our existence either fun or boring when our stories are being told. Most times though, we are carried away by just living the best way we can, the proper way. It’s always just about just surviving, getting through the day, not really caring how our stories will be told after we’re far gone.

Just as we talk and read about the creation of and the first inhabitants of this place called earth, so definitely will we be talked about, or worse, never mentioned like we never lived, like we just existed. So we should ask ourselves, how well are we living? What stories are we creating for the world to tell about us? Are we fun stories or are we boring ones?

Fashion Piece

Obey all of the rules and miss out on the fun, break too many and we might start to run. It’s fun to break rules, it’s good to break our boundaries and create new limits, which we will break the next time, and the next, creating that ripple effect, the perfect butterfly, breaking out of it’s chrysalis, soaring into the future. The future, if you see it, you’ve altered it already. Once you know your limit, you can break free and break out of that limit, because to allow no limits, there are no limits. Soon you’ll be thinking out of every box that’s been put in place to make you live a regular human life; “for ye are gods”, and gods don’t obey rules, they make their rules and break them it if they want because simply put, they rule. Ask yourself, “Do I want to be ruled or do I want to rule?“.

Life is what we make it, what we define of it and how we partake in it while we live determines how we will be remembered when we go. Our existences are the only memories we make and leave behind. The legends and the gods we read about today we will never be sure really existed, we discovered them ourselves, we might say we discovered ourselves; “for ye are gods”, and created beautiful storylines that we now enjoy talking about, researching on, adapting into movies. Really, we all love to be celebrated, like the gods and the legends, but how overwhelming it can sometimes be that if drives us crazy. We begin to wonder, “Who am I to be celebrated like this?”. The answer? W ho are you not to be celebrated like this?; “for we are gods”, and gods are to be worshiped.

Fun Girl

It’s a new day, a perfect time to create us anew, to turn the ideas of being regular or trying to fit into the generalities of society, into a resistance, a declaration of freedom and total control of our being, as we throwback this Thursday to the memories, people, music, artists, lyrics, icons, verses, lines, and best of all, the fashion that have influenced our senses. Let’s create us and become a story the world will throwback to on Thursdays, and maybe flashback to on…. Nigerians and the world will always throwback to the lyrics of Fela, he was, still is and always will be a legend in every sense of the word. In death he lives and we love and celebrate him.