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Our lifestyle makes us rich maybe poor, our knowledge and the things we fantasize about helps us do the things we do with money, money is important in this generation even in the generation before us, people have killed for money, robbed and commit all kinds of crime for the sake of it, we want money, we need it to survive our everyday lives, to feed, buy clothes, provide shelter and live our frivolous lifestyle that we crave, the crazy ones.

Magnificent the lifestyle most people dream off, luxury, freedom and comfort, the wish of every human, to wake in the morning without the worry of what to eat or shelter, everyday our fall, maybe our rise, everyday happenings help define us to make the confident of who we are, our life we define by the activities that happens, our anxiety and fear sometimes shoot us in the leg making us incapable of what is expected of us, life is everything that we are, through it all we have hope.

While some believe to progress with dignity how they gather their money, some want it right now, all of it to multiply it, some believe in gradual saving, investing into things that’ll help earn more, furthering their education to have raise in salary, for some it’s business and finding more, new opportunities to invest in, new ideas, wonder how slaves, laborers and motor pack boys hope to be financial free someday?

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They call it hustle, the word for our everyday job, everybody hustle different, different talent, knowledge and fulfillment, while some use their brain some use their strength, some both, the definition of how we make the little or much we make as salaries, how we spend it, what we spend it on. Salary is never enough, what do you do with it? The frivolous lifestyle is the bragging right for people on the street, slaves competing with the master while masters of the street spend free money they don’t work for, bullying people to make their money, commissions from motorist when they ply the road they didn’t construct or maintain, if the road goes bad, they wait for the government to repair and you wonder what is the justification for all the monies they collect, they’ll destroy your bus, car if you don’t remit to them.

All they do, the chairmen and bosses is get drunk, gist all day, hangout with girls, sex and plot attack on their enemies, to kill them sometimes, spend recklessly, build whatever they want, drive cars they can afford and when it’s election time, they make extra money. They became role models to their touts, their slaves that they send on death errands for their loyalty, they learn their ways, how they spend and the things they do. As working boys when a breakthrough comes, maybe a job pays well, they spend it all having the best fun, their bragging right with the assurance of another, no investment but getting drunk, paying the bills of everybody in the bar if they’re drunk enough, trek home after to make interesting bragging story to tell friends and colleagues, their pride, the motivation for better days to come.

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Some people with the knowledge of what they can invest in with any little they can earn often don’t have to earn, many debt to settle, many responsibility that makes the little not enough, while some have but don’t know what to do with it and some don’t have but knows what to do with it. Investment culture in this society is poor, even in stock. The culture of this society is to trust people that cheat and disbelieve people that pitch true ideas to help grow their business, the business of branding they see as worthless, not needed because the customers mind is basic, the people that want cheap things even if it’s fake but looks like the original, they really don’t care, let’s just appear like we’re enough even if they’ll have to borrow from friends.

The mind and what it want is the gimmick, the personality that we possess, our credibility, the level of our truth and decency, our backgrounds, the environment that trained us, our vision, our hope, all of these contribute to wanting what we want and how we intend to get it, our culture and tribes too. It’s ok to want to live wild and crazy, untamed, even more fun to keep getting rich doing what is decent and not trespassing on another human right. Though some of these guys will surprise you what they’ve done with their lives, some focused. Having a house is a big achievement not only in my society but around the world and these guys too has houses of their standard and what they know as beauty. Life we all are trying to live after all, doing the things we feel is right.