Can you Identify your Penis?

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Some ugly news we heard during childhood, so scary that we pray never to experience it. It is crazy, the people it happened to we praise them for early discovery because we still wonder how quickly they discover they’ve been robbed.

This kind of robbery is different, they don’t come for your property or gadgets, sometimes they won’t even say a word to you before they rob you, still I wonder why this kind of robbery and what they do with the penis they steal. Stealing of dicks has been news since we were kids, we fear to shake just anybody, the gist then was they steal dicks through handshake or body contact, we’ll avoid shaking somebody we don’t know, even with the precautions many take, this stealing still happens that you can’t help but wonder how they do it.

The interesting part of the news every time is you’ll never know who it happened to, the report always is “I was there when it happened” or “I know the person it happened to” guess we’re never lucky enough to witness the ugly incident. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard this kind of gist but recently I heard stealing of dicks is happening again. Two different incident I’ve heard happened around my area recently, how the guy was at a betting café and all of a sudden he screamed his dick was stolen, the other I heard happened on the street and the guy had to strip himself naked to prove he’s been robbed of his dick.

I wonder what and why they do it because every time you’ll hear the criminal was apprehended and the dick was returned, trust people, they’ll always beat the thief, sometimes to the point of death like “eye witness” will say.


Most times they return the wrong dick to the person they stole it from. Can you identify your dick? I’m sure some people can’t because they’re too busy to spend time with there’re penis, even though we make use of it everyday. I ask myself that question recently when I heard the gist of stealing of dicks, wondering if I can identify my penis but of course, I can because I spend time with it, I use and see it often, I am a nudist. Most people can, that’s how they can know when they’re given a wrong dick, some they’ll give different dicks before finally they’ll give them theirs. But you can’t trust all these guys, after the dick had been return the victim will test it to know if it’s functioning before they release the culprit. All thanks to Ashawos that have been serving the society since almost the beginning of time, they make testing of the dick easy once you can pay their fee, free fuck we call it because the victim won’t be the one paying, the victim will want to out do himself to be sure.

Voodoo is real around here; though it sounds strange some of these things but it is real. The popular phrase on the street is “where you waka reach na there you know reach”