Ceezys Styling Orange Bob Fringe on Tara Gold

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We celebrate birthdays in different ways because it’s a special day for us and it’s a special day for people around us too, our friends and family get to show us how much we mean to them and they celebrate you differently too, a different kind of celebration like the one that’ll beat your imagination, like the creation of the orange bob with bangs for Tara Gold, and she stole our attention from us.

It’s one thing with Ceezys he’ll make his girls steal your attention because of how attractive their hair look every time, with him you’ll notice the hair first and the girls every time, they carry the hair with the right attitude and with orange this color, you can’t hide, colors speak for you when you just want to show the world the kind of energy you possess instead of telling them, orange speak of your fierceness and you been different, as the birthday girl and as the girl from the page of the magazine, the charm and vibe she’s got is contagious and we love her even more.

With a blunt cut, her full fringe is everything we wish for to pair with the vibe like Tara Gold showed us, the fierce glamour she portrayed, attractive and happy, the color of a new joy, a new age to rule the world with, complementing the dark tone of her complexion like the African girl that she is, real, strong and bold and sexy.

Sharon Smity

So pause a little, and stare at her hair which is the idea of Ceezys Styling, to see how cool it is to be fierce like this fashion girl Tara Gold in Orange fringe.

– Ceezys Styling

– The Hairmpire

– Sharon Smity

– Tara Gold

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