Charly Boy “Area Fada 1” – TY Bello 

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Charles Oputa : My photo of @areafada1 made it on the cover of @thisdaystyle today. I learnt alot from this shoot… That youth is indeed a fountain and has nothing to do with age. Charly Boy proudly 65 years old I have a feeling if he is going to look pretty much the same when I get to do his portrait for his 100th birthday Gods willing. He taught me the beauty of keeping your spirit open as you grow allowing yourself the gift of true friendship with others regardless of their age. He also showed that living for others in truth is what keeps us beautifully alive… I’m glad he let his guards down and let me meet and photograph Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa in truth. I’m a huuuuuuuuuuuuge fan!!!

– Ty Bello