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 LeighboSeriously some people you’ll be shocked how they just connect with you, like a click and you just wonder WTF where’s this person from? from the heaven of vibes maybe. It was a beautiful Saturday night at the beach side of Oniru and it was the lunch of Tatts Lagos and we sat on the same table and that was all, it was like we were synchronized into each other the moment we began to talk, like he was in my head, saying everything the way I would have said it, we were duplicate of each other, the beach breeze and the drink, it was a beautiful blend, smooth cognac and much later in the night, everything kicked in and we were floating in the air, you can bet how it usually end, we woke up in the morning lazy and want more sleep at the different corner where the dawn met us, but we exchanged number the previous night so nobody really have to disturb anybody’s sleep.

Busy Sundays and activity filled day in this part of the country, last day of fun before back to work, people go all out and have fun like it’s the last time. Two days later we reconnected on Whatsapp, picking up from where we left off that Saturday night and we got gisting about everything, crazies and ideas and you can’t help but know Leighbo got a great heart, a beautiful mind that it will be interesting to explore like a world. Leighbo kind of music you’ll wonder what he sings and how he sound from his appearance and the words from his mouth and his ideas, he’s definitely from somewhere out of these world but he live in this world.

On International Women’s Day we got talking, that day that changed everything, after the celebration of women all over the world I can say everything changed and the world have a new sense of how to treat and respect women, so I asked him how do you love women and he told me “I love women very much, every single one out there” and I can relate to that because of his video “Wasted” I saw and how he was relating with them in the video and beside, he’s an artiste and women especially the new generation women that understand freedom and vibes and charm will be able to relate with his bants and he wish me Happy International Women’s Day and i was curious about how much he love women and what he can do for love so I ask him can he die for a woman and love just like Romeo did, and he laugh really hard and his reply was he can’t, life is too beautiful to die young after-all and lot of beautiful things to be done.

Wasted by  Leighbo

His plan for music is to take his music global though “Outernational” to collaborate with a lot of other people and understand how other people vibe too, though some people do music for the fame while some for the money and the interesting celebrated lifestyle that comes with it and for him it’s for the joy “when you meet with other guys and watch them vibe you just get joy seeing other people bring their perception to life on a beat within a stipulated time it’s cray.” We’ve all got different perception about life though, every day we wake up and back to sleep, we work and earn money to survive, to live the best way we can which is obviously different from the way some people will live their life and for an artiste that’s ready to take the industry, you’ll only imagine his definition and perception about what life is, for him though it’s a simple life, and it’s what you make of it, just like he said it’s good to do things that matters while some will make it hard for themselves and take things to heart, his idea is to take life how it is, putting joy in people’s life because the little joy you put in people’s life matters and you can bet, for him music is one of the little joy he put in people’s life, “I want to put Joy as many ways as possible, could be as little as cracking one up or as much as laying life for another” at this point I laugh because it seems he can die for what he love “women and music”

And I wonder what will be the most romantic thing he’s ever done for a lady, though he saw it as a confession of feelings and was a little shy of how silly it may sound, him judging from how much he bottle emotions he can bet it’s really romantic what he’s ever done for a lady but he didn’t say at the end of the day and he wanted to hear mine and I know he was thinking something explicit but then, life is what we make of it after-all, romance too and it can be explicit and illicit for some and for some it’s just the right vibe without safe word maybe and even as I push him to say, he’ll reply with “really I’m the reserve type of guy, I don’t do extra for nothing”, you’ll imagine what extra is though.

Artist in Lagos

Fridays we come alive in this town, no matter how boring or sad and lonely your week have been, on Friday in this city, everywhere come alive, the music are loud and the parties are big, the clubs definitely a place to be and really some people just love it indoor, bringing all the outside fun indoor and he’s one of those people that love the alone indoor party, he love to stay at home, get high, get fucked, play games or watch movies, he’s into the boring stuffs, Introvert kind of way. People of these traits though are usually creative and their mind is like a movie world because they usually have all the time to think and come up with ideas and crazy things and for him you’ll get to wonder what he think about, in the simplest way he said we’ve all been creative right from time “technology is perhaps just helping us to be able to reach out more and express our creativity better”, technology is everything our world is about right now and you’ll imagine if we’ve been able to achieve this much with technology right now and how much machines and technological product that has been produce, you’ll want to imagine what the next five years will be like, for him the technological advancement he wish for in the next five years is “Teleportation”

“Let us just fly away already” Into the future or past which will you like to teleport to? There’s more in the future than in the past and the typical him will want to hear my side of the question, so he pitched me with, what’s your own take and to be real, I’ll love to teleport too, but first into the past before the future, sometime I feel like I’m an old soul, I’ll really love to experience the 1920s and the early times of this world, the creation and the era when there was no clothes, just leaves or maybe before the discovering of leaves even, those time I’ll joyfully teleport to but I won’t want to be trapped in that time though, I’ll want to experience the future, the digital future.

It’s a Friday and we were talking, so he sent me his new work, the video for Wasted and I watch it over and over again because it was lovely and I love it, the video typically brought our mind back to the Friday before that, we were wishing for some life that Friday and it was everything that was in the video, and we both laugh as he was suspecting me like I was watching through time to see when they shot the video. While some have crazy mad fun on Fridays, some still work for their passion and dreams and for him that stays on the mainland he was on his way to the island because in this town that’s where the life is, the groove and the dream life, there’s life on the mainland too, there’s fun here too but it’s different from there and that’s basically the dream we all dream, to be there, where we dream and what we hope to be in life, we are all dream chaser like my friend Yopee will say, we chase the dream and Leighbo is chasing his.

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