Check Out PumaXo by Theweeknd 

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PumaXo by theweeknd He’s got lot of surprises and creativity off his sleeve, that’s one thing we love about this guy, he just know how to charm his way into our hearts.

So last night he drop these set of pictures of his newest work PumaXo and we’ve fallen in love with the shoes and him all over again 

Two sparsely filled rolling racks featuring Puma x XO apparel, and two pairs of sneakers, the all-white and olive iterations of his signature model, the Parallel.

His line with Puma boasts streetwear staples  T-shirts, denim jackets and pants to pair with the Parallel, a stripped-down sneaker with casual appeal that borders on the height of a boot. “His sense of style is intriguing because he’s developed a refined uniform that consistently feels current. He brings a diŠfferent aesthetic, a little more refined and simple,” said Chris Pepe, senior buyer of men’s footwear at Barneys. “The consistency makes him a standout in the realm of entertainers.”

This image, which mirrors today’s hottest men’s fashion, distinguishes him as one of Puma’s most important ambassadors.

PumaXo by theweeknd “He’s stylish, but he’s also approachable. He’s relatable and has a look that can be worn by a lot of young men,” explained Adam Petrick, global director of brand and marketing at Puma. “It’s not over-the-top or unattainable.”

“The Weeknd has shown us that he’s knowledgeable about and interested in fashion,” said Laure Heriard Dubreuil, founder and president of The Webster. “This collaboration feels like a true partnership between the artist and the brand.”

PumaXo by theweeknd The first colorway of the sneaker is a pristine, all white iteration priced at $220 and retailers are applauding the brand’s approach to product diversity.

He had a strong idea about what footwear should look like if it was put through The Weeknd’s filter,” Petrick said. “That’s not to say all of our partners wouldn’t have that vision, but in the case of The Weeknd, it made sense to bring something new to the marketplace that reflected his personal style.”

PumaXo by theweeknd “Exclusivity is always important to me, and I will definitely do limited pieces and shoes with Puma. But for this first one, I’d love it to go to the masses. I haven’t really been using anyone else as a reference for this side of the business, but I am definitely investing as much of my time into this as possible.”

Whom would you most like to see wear the shoe and why?

“To be honest, I just want to see everyone wearing it. I want it to be part of pop culture. I want to walk down the street and see kids wearing it and women wearing it. I want to see the pope wearing it. I want to see [Barack] Obama wearing it. I want to see Elon Musk wearing it.”