Christians are Tamed Crazy People

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Black Angels

Christians are tamed crazy people but the society sees them as sane people, especially the pentecostals, they are really crazy when the spirit descend on them, it takes over everything they are because they’re no longer in control.

It’s a different energy when you dwell in the presence of God and when you dwell in the presence of the greatest dj. The vibe and glamour is different, you’re loose not drunk but drunk by his presence and the imagination and believe that he’s the king, you fucking just go crazy because you know he’s real. God is great the phrase many say because it’s a statement that has been drum into their ears a million and one time but many never realize the true meaning of that word because they never experience or realize how great he is and has been.

Most of the things taught about God are from the bible, from the past our great grand fathers did not existed, still a debate the thought if Africa was existing then. The story we sometimes see as tales, it makes it difficult for people to believe his greatness because they are not taught to have connection with him, to know him on a personal level, learning and being taught about God is different from knowing him, knowing him is different, you’ll know he’s GOD when you know him.

Black Venus

I wonder why we decide to hide the truth every time, maybe because we want to be the only source, when you’re the only source you feel like God when you dictate with your power, guess that’s why some truth are tone down to not make people discover some things so that they can be the final approval. Humans are the same, except we want to live in denial, we are shades of the things we complain about that’s why we see the things we complain about.

With all the deception, they are still tamed crazy people, imagine if they have access to all the truth of who God is and how much you can access from him. Worshiping him brings a different energy that consume you to be right for that moment for his presence to be felt, to connect with the real you not the you you thought you are, the real you that he created is who he connects with. Amazing Grace

GOD is great but only if you know you know, a clue though for you to know how great he is, is the realization of the feelings you have, our feelings is everything, just pay close attention to it. Know your feelings.