Chun Li x Barbie Tingz Nicki Is Here

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Nicki MinajCan say I miss Nicki Minaj, though I won’t consider myself a fan, but in the wake of Cardi B, forgetting Nicki a little especially for a non-fan is possible because right now Cardi B is everything the media is celebrating right now and already we can’t wait for the mini Cardi B.

So after Pink Print, Nicki, she’s here with something different and interesting and definitely pink influenced because it was the album art that I saw that reminded me of how beautiful Nicki is when she’s not playing barbie, sexy and good too.

Chun LiChun-Li the Barbie girl in Fendi jacket and tong and two big bun, the without pink effect of Nicki is what the cover is about and on Barbie Tingz she took us to the old era of Sound of Music, the corset and the big gowns. It’s all coming to life this Thursday and we can get to experience a different energy different from Cardi B, though she once said they’re not competing, well fans think they are, all we want is just good music that’ll entertain us.

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