Closed Space

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Let’s close this space between us

With love, to kill hate and sadness

Let’s combine our energy to explode like dynamite,

With our emotions running wild

Visions of lust, fantasies of pleasure sweating

No room for space between us

Just the link that keeps us going

Leading us to the place of cum

Where our eyes look with lust and

Our heart think vanity

We can all close that space

Making us closer to the thought of our heart

Discovering the beauty of no space

With respect and love

Filled to the brim to activate the joy of being filled

Bringing us closer than how we used to be

Living more freely in love

With no secrets

We see everything when the space is closed

We become more familiar

Bearing it all, not hiding anything

Making us exist in truth and harmony

But we’re humans

We can take advantage of anything

Even the love we have for ourselves.