Clothes and Living 

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We are just great beings with different body size, different desire and different motivation and influence, our choices are not same.I’ve live my life wanting to fit in, to be the IT girl, trendy and fashionable to be everybody’s favorite but the more I try, the more it run away from me, the more I die daily and I have to deal with my horrible thoughts, everything appears like it was never meant be. But in every of this moment one thing was true, one passion grew stronger and became the only world I exist, where am happy and live beyond the reality that exists around me. 

Fashion became the true reality, my mode of expression, my true love. Can’t always express how much I feel when I see beautiful clothes and designs, they fit differently and they make me discover a new me every time, the feel is never the same. My clothes communicate to my ego, and I’ve love body more ever since.

In life you can’t always predict or plan right, some days are romantic and happy and some days you’ll wish you can escape and make the day fades away. Playing dress up has always help me deal with bad days and anxiety, the behavior of fabrics on the skin is magical, they calm and put this heavenly smile on my face and sometimes I sleep off like going to a party in dream land. 

Life is beautiful with clothes, they do more than just covering our nakedness, or making us look trendy, they give life and beautiful smiles, a reason to live and survive every odds. You don’t have to own the world to dress fine, it doesn’t fit the same, your fit is different, your fit is your body you just have to discover it, look inside, look closely and discover your true fit, your fashion ego and allow it to take over you.