Clothes and Our Ego

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Funny how what we wear shape our thinking and ego, clothes generally up our self esteem or lowers it, it’s interesting how our life is perceived from what we wear and how we dress, like the popular saying, you dress the way you want to be addressed, so people dress glamorous because they want to be respected and perceived rich, well some can afford it and some can’t and some will do almost anything to be perceived rich and good and that’s what they call fake life.

Polka Dots

Clothes actually makes us a better person and build our sense and what we think and how we think, while people with good clothes worry about other things, people who believe their clothes are not good enough worry about how people are looking at them for what they’re wearing, they worry about how not recent and trendy their wardrobe are, but it’s just clothes after all, just our ego and we all care about our pride.

We can’t always own it all, we all can’t be rich, and sometimes we can’t afford those glamorous pieces, but we can all afford style, fashion says me too because it’s always about what’s trending, the newest collection and the expensive pieces but style says just me, that’s you being you, using your creativity to boost your ego, creating a beautiful style for yourself.

Fashion Girl

Everything is beautiful, life is and our body too, and when you’ve got style you’ve got everything because your sense of style will get you noticed sometimes even better than someone wearing the expensive pieces, you can be expensive and have a poor sense of style and you can be stylish and not expensive and you can be both, you just don’t have to kill yourself to be any, not falling for the pressure of the society, you can make your decisions and shop what you can afford, even save for the ones you can’t afford at the moment, it’s all about being you and expensive collection won’t define the real you, only you can and when you’re real, life is easy.

So let your clothes not determine your happiness or ego, let you define and determine your happiness and pride and be stylish.

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