Colorful Inception

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Some limbo you’ll want to be trapped in because they are made of all shade of beautiful artistic glamour, with colors that speak to you and inspires you, the creativity that you possess, the illusion that is reality, the limbo you’ll want to be trapped in for eternity.

For we dream in colors, we live a colorful life that look like a dream to the regular mind, the creativity of the mind that they wish for, the confidence and the colors we radiate, the things we say in our dreams that gets their attention and make them a fan as they wonder what our world is made off.

A world made of colors that speak the truth of our mind, a world that freedom is really free without a doom, a place where only our ideas count, the truth we want to show the world, so we dream, just as we hope and see different things that’s not visible to the eye that’s not behind the lens.

It’s a new world we create with the art that will change the world to a world we’ve dreamt off, the world we live in limbo, it’s all about bringing limbo to reality, the inception.

Photographer & Creative Director @felixcrown
Ace Hairstylist @ceezysstyling
The Photographer’s Muse @theangellaphillips
All paintings on model and backdrop done by @casskoncept1