Colors of Her Vibe and Curves

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Vibe is the feel of the emotions, that electro movement that flows in the body, the very moment you get that spark, that bang that brings you back to life to who you are made to be.

Freedom is the new cool, the new school, the joys and the vibes of now are electric, think it and its been done.

The light inside her reflect the goodness of her soul with different vibrant sparks that pushes the body to be there, the beauty of her elegance and ego, her pride. Beautiful loud ideas that makes her jump to the tiny sonorous sound that ignites the fire from within, that vibe that keeps you on your feet to move beyond the capability you think you could handle, it just gives you a boost to bring those beautiful ideas to life.

Her curves are the reflections of the richness in her earth, her heart, the visions of herself and how she learn from the body that has house her since forever. I pledge to my body to respect it and enjoy it, to have fun with it, with this body of mine, to define what freedom means.