Colour of the Month is Green

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Green NovemberIt’s a new month and like the culture of this society, the greeting is Happy New Month because we care that much to show love to the next person, the people on our list and timeline, we just have our own way of expressing love because right now, in this generation, love is all that matters and we love love, we love to express it but what we hate is how they take advantage of the love we have in our heart, so we show love like how we want, we express the joy of the love we possess.

In this third phase of ember month and the dawning of it’s almost the end of the year, the dreams we had in the beginning and how far we’ve chased it to bring it to reality, life is life, you really can’t predict it because you just have to live right, to live the you the present moment want, that is life and we are here to live it, especially now that it is November, the first day of this month.

And it’s Thursday, the rhythm in the atmosphere is the vibe of creativity with the percussion from the ancestral world of knowledge and creativity to glorify the one we know as the source, the one where it all comes from, the sound that lead the way to where we want to be, the place we want to dwell, to impact with the knowledge we have.

The vision of hope and the groove of glory to doubt doubt with even bigger dreams that will shock the dreamer, so it’s almost the end of the year but not end of time and definitely not the end of bigger dreams, so let’s dream more and create more and experience the rhythm of this month.

We love the idea of leave green this month, let’s live in colors.