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Pent House

The difference between the understanding of committing suicide by those that do and those that don’t is the recognition of the importance of being human, the typical “everybody wan go heaven but nobody wan die”. It’s a chain reaction, when one progress in life, it affect certain people and trigger their success, another person’s survival is in your hands almost unknowingly to you, when your break through some people will too automatically.

It’s selfish reasoning many call suicide, they understand it differently from the person that committed suicide. Feelings and emotions drives us wild sometimes making us do things how we do, our thought speak to us to be who we are, to know what to do next. Some live life as it comes, some want to plan it all, but in real life, as you are making your plans, life already made his. The things we experience in life build our understanding of who we are and the understanding of love and respect.

Family keeps us one way or the day, friends and co-workers somehow depend on us for some things, emotionally or physically; people look up to us, we all have someone we look up to, the actions of those people unconsciously affect how we live our lives, we become shade of them. When someone commit suicide that person didn’t just take his/her life, it took things away from these people that depend on him/her. Suicide is like the crime of stealing, like a fraudster that scam many people randomly to run away with whatever he gather, that’s the reflection the people alive have when they loose someone, they feel robbed and cheated, though some people will be grateful for the death.

We give up differently, some people will never give up, some will face it no matter what, they don’t mind getting up after every fall, they just keep going, they have hope so they face life as it present itself not even daring to experience whatever the after life is, nobody is ready to be harvested now, we want to live our fantasies and enjoy the privilege of being human. The selfish reason is you not caring about those people that depend on you, more like you’re doing it to hurt them, but emotions drive crazy and thought drives wide and we react like how those things make us feel.

What do we think about? We are the translation of our thought.