Competition of Sin Between Sodom and Gomorrah and Now

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Artistic Photography

Photography by Ren Hang

The debate is this generation has out sinned Sodom and Gomorrah. Some though believe we are not close to how much they sin that time, the thought is for God to have destroyed them at that time, their sins most have been grievous. God would have wiped us out if we’ve sin up to how they’ve sinned, but he’s a merciful God, guess he’s been merciful upon this generation because I can testify of the sins that goes down in this generation that was not recorded during the times of Sodom and Gomorrah and the ones that was done during their time we’ve better.

Sinners of this time are creative and some are lazy enough that they sin unknowingly through the act of their laziness and the thought of their heart, the vanity they crave, sex of all shade, crime of all sort. Oppression we hate and the stupid policies government make that’s making us function less, the reason for most depressed mind, jobless and confused that the president called us lazy youth. Many knows what they want but how to get what they want is the problem because every of the reality around here is not in their favor but everyday we pray for the odds to be in our favor, so we sin the best way we can.

Naked Bodies

How well can you sin? David was the most creative sinner, can you beat that. Sins are intended for good reasons, maybe selfish reasons and some for the core purpose of it’s a sin that’s why they’re committed. Bad thing dey sweet, sin is interesting and attractive, maybe because it thrills, the flesh and ego get the satisfaction they’ve thought of, the exact drive that drove the intentions of the people of Sodom and Gomorrah. They sinned for fun, they had all the fun they could think of and the good thing at that time was you have all the time in the world, no 9-5, they lived reckless, but in this era we have 9-5, we have lots of things that distract us but still we sin even with the distraction.

The ball is in our court I guess, every new era intend to better the previous, we live to recreate and improve on things that has been done with new knowledge and technology of this time. So if you feel we are yet to out sin Sodom and Gomorrah, guess you know what to do, but whatever you do, do with good intention, not with the intention to hurt humans or to disrespect God, he can re-act the punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah on you alone.