Crazy Like They Say; Your Own Version

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Black and WhiteThey call you crazy because they think you are, because you’re different from them and they call you crazy thinking they’re insulting you, but calling you crazy is actually the compliment they don’t know they’re paying you, the encouragement they never intend to give you, because calling you crazy is them telling you you’re special and what you’re doing they can’t do because they’re not seeing the picture you’re seeing, it’s clearer in your head, it’s your dream not theirs, besides you have the final say, you’re the validation you need.

So let them call you crazy for it’s a compliment, it’s a word to motivate you to stay with your dreams and put more effort to bringing it to reality, to show them how crazy is interesting and fun and how to prove to them that humans always fear what they don’t know, they fear what they can’t prove and just like how they’re taught in school, they can’t teach what they can’t prove, but your dreams can make them teach something new, a new possibility, a new and different reality, the reality they never thought could happen because it was crazy to them, not achievable because to them crazy is odd, crazy is impossibility, but life on earth, everything is possible, even you is possible.

Beautiful Crazy

Just like in life we experience, they’ve always told us that we are living, but living is when you know the plan of life but nobody knows the plan of life and the possible thing that can happen soonest, but we experience life, living in the moment, reacting to time the best way we can because that’s the fun of life, that’s why we are here to experience existence, not to live it, because we can’t predict the future, though if you see it, you’ve changed it already, you’ll be in for a new surprise and that’s the fun of life, the joy of experiencing this thing called life.

So let’s experience more and it’s ok for them to use the word crazy because it’s a compliment, it’s motivation, it’s their own way of telling you to keep on, keeping up and have fun discovering life, have fun experiencing every new day, every situation, it’s like a movie with no script, life is unscripted, guess that’s why it can’t be pirated, you just have to live yours, you’re your hero and be your version of crazy.