Crushing on Every Woman #wcw

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Lara ColeThe world we live in right now is the world where you’ve got to appreciate everything and everybody, the world that’s tired of hatred and bad treatment, the world that wants love and respect, to respect people’s decision and life, their sexual preference and their sense of fashion, it’s the world of freedom, that’s the world we are living in right now, the world that hate guns.

Urban fashion On Wednesdays we appreciate women, maybe because they share the same first letter, but because women are special and they’re worth celebrating just as we crush on men on Mondays, celebrating humans makes us feel the love we have inside of us, the love that was created in us to better the world, to appreciate the realness of humanity, humans lift humans, that’s how we’re meant to live, to support each other because that’s how to live in the peace we’ve always wanted, the peace we crave in this world.

Lingerie WomenWe fall in love for different reasons, while some will fall in love because of her body, some because of her sense of style and some because of her sense and how she communicate her wisdom and how she impact the world with her confidence, shaping the world in the best way she can. So we fall in love anyways for whatever reason and this world we live in now will make you understand and know that women are more than sexual objects and they’re more than living their life in the kitchen, they are more than what the previous world has reduced them to and right now the women are changing the world and we are loving their vibe, their strong bold feminine vibe.

Fashion Friends

So this Wednesday we crush on every woman, we crush on how beautiful they’ve impact our lives with their beautiful smiles and ideas, their sense of style and how they take care of the world, it feels good to crush on women especially on Wednesday.