Culture of No Condom

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Populate the earth was the commandment, though according to statistic the world is over populated now, one hell of a job humans has done so far, no idea of condoms which made the sex sweeter, no thought of STIs or STDs fuck without fear, let’s populate the earth was the vibe, having sex to get pregnant became a culture, joy of sex was discovered in the process.

Sex is the most interesting body engagement, bodies speaking the language of their truth, lust, passion and what they feel for each other, arousal and want of the other body fulfilling the crave, satisfaction of the urge, orgasm, climax and cum.

Sex is sweet, the satisfaction your body attains words can’t define, joy of after sex, smile plastered on the face refreshing the groove of the body, even flow of energy that won’t consume or distort your thought. Married, single, divorced, experienced and inexperienced young and old everybody want to fuck, it’s one major thing to experience as human before you die, indescribable the feeling, especially when it’s more than little tingles to you, more like multiply fireworks going on in the head unleashing butterflies.

Life is sweet but sickness and diseases ruin the experience of life, doctors and scientist research regularly to find cure to whatever shortens human life, we’re grateful for their contribution to humanity, they’ve saved many lives especially in Africa where malarial is no longer a major threat like how it used to be, more deadly sickness popped up over the years, infections, virus and diseases wreck havoc, some the cure was easy to come by, some till this day no cure just drugs to manage. HIV/AIDS threaten the world, many lives this sickness claimed, fear of HIV/AIDS took over the world but did not limit the rate of sex because the body can’t be denied sex for long, condoms was created and life was good again, the crusade became use condom to protect yourself “AIDS no dey show for face” even husbands and house wives adopt the culture of condoms because infidelity is a culture of the society.

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The preaching of don’t stigmatize became a regular one, more knowledge about how not to contact the virus and methods of prevention went viral, getting tested to know your status became popular, the fear reduced as life became almost normal again and sex rate peaked, new sex styles to try, enticing bodies and different seductive moves by both sex, economy crashing made sex became lucrative  business, means of income, sex for pleasure, for the sake of its sex, sex for no reason, as means of bribe and to set people up, sex was re-branded.

A report at one time have it that millennia are having lesser sex than the people before millennium, it was right at that time because the millennia heard the horrors of HIV/AIDS and the education about protective sex but nothing last forever. As time went by, the pressure of use a condom many couldn’t take anymore many became rebellious to the ways of the society as they take the path of finding their truth, trying things they haven’t tried, their truth became the new reality that’s shaping the world, discovering themselves and how fluid humans can be, discovering their truth brought a different reality to the world, more confidence knowing what you want and what you don’t, they fight for what they want and reject what they don’t want, protest even.


Girls now knows what they want and not shy to ask for it, they want sex without condoms because its sweeter than sex with a condom, the skin of the penis they want to feel un-coated on the wall of their moist vagina, direct sensation, true and real, some will say the penis with the condom is like a living dildo and dildo is not the real thing, if the sex is worth having then it should be real as possible with condom its less real, they’ll be vexed if you insist on condom when they want it without.

Aside from HIV/AIDS other dangerous STDS can be contacted through sexual intercourse which many contacted and it ruined relationships and lives, the men sometimes don’t mind, they’ll risk it all because the sexual energy of the moment can’t be controlled, consuming, let’s get it done with is the thought of their mind, many fucked raw, some were lucky, some have to use local herbs for protection and cure and the unlucky ones deal with it how best they could but the culture of sex can’t be stopped.

Right now in the world even as the crusade of use condom is a norm, the culture of no condom is peaking rapidly, condoms can be bought almost anywhere right now, cheap ones, expensive ones, designer ones but it’s a different experience for the people that enjoy it raw. Though the society trained us to be ashamed of our truth, especially girls, making them feel loose when they ask for sex but the world is changing, women are taking over with everything, #METOO and numerous movement fighting for their rights, gaining back their respect in the society, offices, classrooms and now even in bedrooms, women these days want sex without condoms, they really want to enjoy the pleasure of sex the best way they can, everybody loves sex, if it’s worth having then it’s worth having the right way but STIs and STDs still exist, even newer ones are been discovered.