Cynthia Olorungbon Our Wednesday Crush #wcw

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Cynthia Olorungbon

Cynthia Olorungbon, Shot by Motolani Olorungbon, Styled by Mouyor Buttons

When we crush, we do for a reason and every time the reason is always worth it. Family, friends and even fans celebrate us when it’s our birthday, memories they recollect, the beautiful ones, the funny and interesting ones, memories is one precious part of humanity that put a smile on our different faces, especially when it’s about the person we’re crushing on, so we celebrate her.

Sometimes you remember every of the moment you spend together the first time you met someone, some-times many interesting moment wash away the memories of the first time but you still cherish that first time, the discussion and the thrills of the moment. Women of this generation are changing the pride of womanhood, from how they work and the kind of work they do, they make their existence interesting and fun.Cynthia Olorungbon

So the first time we saw, we met through Motolani her elder sister and Cynthia is a model and her portfolio will impress you, and she’s an engineer with the passion for modeling and flying drone and managing directing MOP Studio, like a super woman she lives, her smile and strength will make you appreciate her craft and her relationship with the camera, she’s a beautiful muse.Cynthia Olorungbon

Before now not many girls take pride in the complexion of their skin, many will want to bleach away their natural skin tone because of the lack of confidence they have about how they look, body issue has become part of the daily struggle of humans, especially in our society, people want to look attractive by all means so they do things that’ll make them confident, but her dark skin you’ll love and wish for, her love for her body will make you wish for a dark skin even if you’re of the fair skin, she’s that pretty dark skin girl that many will wish for because she makes everything beautiful, every clothes and pictures, she’s our favorite muse and we love her.

Cynthia Olorungbon

So it was her birthday yesterday, one of the things we do on people’s birthday aside from celebrating them is flashing back on the memories we’ve shared together, so as she flenjo in this new age of hers, we celebrate her new age with pictures of her that we’ll always cherish, the reason why we’re crushing on her today, life is beautiful and pictures hold beautiful stories in them.

Happy Birthday Cynthia Olorungbon.