Dark Angel

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                          Photography by Qnipz, Model – Yetunde Akande

In the beginning the world was created, from the first look at the picture, you crave for attention, for you to listen in the dark corners of your heart and you can feel the beginning of time from the picture, that’s the reflection you get, when the world was without form and it was still growing, new things are beginning to have name and civilization was beginning to have shape. It was a raw feel, the uneven pour of the concrete, the rough and so raw unpolished stairs, the scanty bush and the dark texture like light is just reaching the darkness of this part. It’s a place of light.

Angels are supposed to be white, from all stories told, angels are painted white and from every description the white image fit them. The dark ones are beautiful too; they are the real deal, unpolished and raw ready to be fit into any new forms at every new opportunity, ready to break for a new break.

Looking at her she gave the feel of the looker gets her attention, like I got her attention and she was lust looking at the attention I was giving that made her stare these lust, her eyes so bold that they look attractive and attention demanding, her bold ebony toned skin settled into the shade of her hair that reveals the bold lines that trace the shape of her lips, the burnt brownish red lipstick she’s wearing, the outdoor representation of charming and sexy, the strength of her poise.

She’s like the pretty fallen angel with a good heart that came to earth on a holiday, probably like a one night stand deal and she was about leaving through the regular channel nobody ever notices her until you walk by, until you made her want to have a second thought about not leaving, the attention of this is right, of he is right and she can just feel it in the air, that’s why she’s holding on to the strength of the attention you are making her stare at, she’s about to be lust in the bright flash of the shuttle, the reflection of her thought is in her eyes, you got her interest, the photographer got her attention and she was like this is worth waiting for, the shut is worth taking before I fly away into the heart of beauty, she was ready to leave as her hands pose with gentle about to lift strength, as they were caught in their swing behind, the strength of her hands can tell the tenderness of her pretty heart.

The gown was made for the right body, the right vibe and charisma was used in wearing it, she enjoyed the feel of the soft texture of the clothes on her body, the expression on her face gives the feel, of I will love to wear these, she made us fall in love with what black clothe is about, she made us want to feel what she felt wearing the comfort. Taking the shape of her size, like a piece of art. With the cape behind she gave no doubt the expression of a dark angel that was about to take off into the heavens of style, into the world charm and style is created, the brown clarks heel sander is just perfect for the gown, with its gentle tone to add a different attention to the outfit, it made her taller and beautiful that will almost want to give you the second thought of she’s almost not real.

Now I see the relationship between ebony and black, it’s a perfect combination, the realness and art it portray is different from any other combination of colours, luxury are dark and gentle and smooth and they always look real and beautiful and attractive, they seduce you into the world of their own and you just follow because they will always lead the way of your heart to the real taste of what it is and the crave and hope of you should have it and enjoy it as much too, well that’s just the definition of black, that’s the definition of ebony, the real and eternity look.

When it’s raw, it can take any shape and it can blossom. From the beginning of time, it was raw and everybody try to define as much as they can, many has try to define it in their own way and many has try to define it for a whole lot of people, they’ve ruled the world and we all live under the template they’ve created, we wallow in the success of their definition which many turned out good and many lot turned out to be lies and cover up for their flaws not to be exposed, for their self pride and they limit the extent to how much we can define of our own portion of life, dark as it may, raw as it may look, tedious to take form and shape that’s why it’s raw, how much beauty do we want from the raw nature. The fourteen stairs rough concrete and unsettled casted concrete as the balustrade shows how much they can define it, the scanty bush and unkept surroundings as the hamattan blow the fallen dried up leaves and carelessly thrown empty packs of snacks littered around, out of the raw state the photographer saw the beauty of these raw state to define its own much of how it can be mold, he caught the attention of a pretty ebony angel in a black caped gown and a brown Mary Jane sanders, she was bold and interesting, like she’s ready to fly away with you, because you catch her attention that much, she was in the moment, in the moment of she owning that time and taking the shut that will make that time count in the rawness of nature, in it’s typical state where you can dictate what to use it for, flexible to your thought, cool and soft cold gentle energy it dominate you with and you love every part of it.

She is the star of the moment, like she commands, you follow, her attention she’s giving you because you called for it, you want to see her pose, her beauty and her vibes, she’s got a bold one that will take on you like a spell, her attraction will hold you bound and you can’t deny not giving her. She’ll make it worth your while, a lot of it she’s got in depth and a lot she’s got to share, just give it to her because it’s your win, it’s you forming and defining the rawness of the earth, the raw and early state of time the photographer has created.

Everything was right and in place, the expression and the aura and the charm on her face, she posses the good in you for her use, her admiration which you’ll love to appreciate, the masterpiece of time.