DEAR ANNA: The Finale; The Image Outside the Frame

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Greek Photography Dear Anna

First let me say you’ve got a great team that worked with you on this project and every of the photo on this project we love, this project made us a strong fan of you because you were like a dream come true, your photos we stare at that it became a wallpaper in our head and we are glad it did.

We’ve always been a fan of Art and Photography and Dear Anna was a confirmation of that as we were blown away every time Felix Crown release every collection and this Finale Collection gave us mix feelings because finally we’ve seen all the photos in this collection and we’ll not be seeing more of it but we love it though because we’ll cherish every of the photo on this project while we anticipate for future collaboration that’ll make us smile again.

One thing about the photos in this collection is, they’re all like art, like art from the centuries when we are yet to be born but with the influence of the time that we are born into, the time of beautiful lifestyle and fashion and of women with bold vibe, beautiful and full of dreams to inspire the world and also with the charm of a photo lady.

Nigeria Photography The Image Outside the Frame

When you see these photos your thinking will tell you about frame, all you’ll think is preserving these photos because you know they’re precious and the best way to save pictures is to frame them, but she’s got the frame of Felix Crown and like an art she pose, beautifully.

Out of the frame is out of the box, neglecting the regular and the everyday things creating a world of your ideas and the beautiful things you think, the freedom of your mind to push you to create masterpiece.Felix Crown

So let’s think a little through the Greek gods era but with the consciousness of the present time 2018, pictures doing all the talking and the story telling, showing the world how beautiful humans are and why you should see yourself as a royal, a precious art because really we are all precious and art, with the hints of the previous era, with the red lipstick and adorned gown of this time, natural without makeup with the poise of a Wakanda, pretty and she’s a camera lover and the camera love her.

For we’re created in his image sexy and pretty with size and shape of our body, in the millennium.

A Fashion Editorial by Creative Stylist and Director @moashystyling
Photography @felixcrown
Muse: @annaebiere
Hair @ferdinandshair
Styling Assistant @moosah__
Location @roma.lagos