Dear Anna

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Fashion Editorials Just like a lover girl in the Royal 1820s, like a princess who’s in love with everything, with the world and the idea of love, with the idea of photography, the idea of beauty and luxury and fashion and art, art of life, the lifestyle that represents glamour and good life, you’ll want her life, her life of glory and praise, of precious thought and pretty interior.

So we live, our own movie like life, interesting, maybe boring from another’s point of view, life is like a movie and we the actors, life is beautiful and pretty too, like she interprets, like the photographer shoot, full of glamour with the hint of the old luxury life and the reality of this present time, the Greek vibe and the aura of a lady who lust for life for things that gives her comfort, her sense and her thought.

Greek goddess

For comfort and pleasure is her way of life, the look in her eyes and the charm of her clothes, without accessories like a princess she still pose, her modern vibe infused with the old royal life you’ll love still, she’s the princess of art, a living Picasso.


In the eye of a beholder, in the eye behind the lens, the eye that sees nothing but art, the eye that sees Anna, the eye of Felix Crown.

A Fashion Editorial by Creative Stylist and Director @moashystyling
Photography @felixcrown
Muse: @annaebiere
Hair @ferdinandshair
Outfit: @sevondejana
Styling Assistant @moosah__
Location @roma.lagos
N/B: No makeup was used in this shoot