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Petronela by Dear Noch

In different tune we live when we live like how we live, new language we speak with our lifestyle, pure luxury of the heart, the vision of glory and pure smoke of glamour, the revelation of who we want to be, who we can be and the imagination of what is supposed to be, the responsibility we take on to be the better version of the humans living, to better this place called reality, from inside of us we find the strength to carry the cross, for family, for the world and we populate it with the good inside us to build this place, and we became queens, we became stone, the pillar many sang about that they rule the world. Petronela

In the cloud of lust we sometimes wake in, to be loved and also to express the love inside of us, the tender care and the romance, the watching over and looking like what we have in mind, stylish and attractive because we appreciate the art of living, our own way of telling the world that it’s possible, telling them all we need is love, love me, love everybody, love we make and happy we make in gold even in lust, the pda outside express the joy of living, the glory of the queen, the prettiness of the splendor of her persona, aura of the love she carries every time.

Sometimes we fall and when we fall sometimes we lose our-self and we can’t hold us back, living in this world, people judge and when they judge they do the best way they can, most-times not fair because we fall differently and different reason is the reason for our fall, don’t blame a fall even when you know the reason, it’s for a reason, emotions sometimes can be crazy, early morning becomes new hope, beautiful testimony of joy and happiness, the true accomplishment of time, experiencing it all in the lust of living the amazing grace, the amazing news of a new day, a new glory of peace the world deserve, the sacrifice we do for the people we love, the things and impact we want to make in their life, our own contribution to humanity and we make beautiful feelings even for our-self and for the people we sacrifice for, the people we share the true of time with, of your braveness to experience what people say it’s not easy, life, amazing grace, amazing vision of clouds, smoky in the dew of the morning time, soft sounds of tender joy, cold as we play, the reality of us, the lust of time.

Dear Noch

Gently we ascend, you earn it, her teachings and her lifestyle, all the gift she have she gave for the good, the queen of mothers, queen of queens, they worship at her feet, with smile and beautiful face she look at them, her lips the reflection of her beautiful perfection because we are who we are and like a queen she is, her wisdom, her seduction, the lust of the personality she is, life of the party, her presence you’ll always notice, she’ll make it worth your while, her style is the life she lived.

Crown in the clouds, gold and shinning,

Skin of gold, the wisdom of the human she is

A blessing to humanity

Lips of pretty, the lust of it

Luxury is her life, love too

Freely she give, freely she guide, the nurturer

She defines time with her handwriting,

She. Petronela

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