Dear Noch Seduction Series; Love Me

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Seduction Series Love me baby, please love, let me feel you, let me feel your hands all over me, baby love, let me scream your name with my lazy voice, let me wish for you for eternity, baby please love me, love me like no other, fill me to the brim, love me like the love in the movies and let’s last forever in each other.

I know you do love me, like you know I can’t breath without you, your skin brings me to life, your fingers, your caress, your lips and the magic in your tongue, love me baby, please love, visions of our love and lust I want to dream about when I sleep, seduce me with your love, I enjoy the lust of you.

Vanity will remain human favorite sin, our favorite sin, you’re the vanity I want to experience, the sin I want to commit everyday, love me baby.

Dear Noch

Been seduced gives you the sense of appreciation, you can’t be seduced if you’re not wanted, seduction is reality and sometimes it’s good you fall, just to have a new discovery, respect is reciprocal they say, so if you’re wanted, it’s normal a thing to want back too, to appreciate back true sincerity of lust, maybe love.

Scared a little of how good things never really last, but one good thing for sure, we’re in the moment now and if we did last like happily ever after in the movies fine and if we don’t, I’ll live in the memories of you and that’s why I’ll enjoy this moment with you, while we last, so love me like we’ll never end.