Deborah Prest Like A Goddess

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Deborah Prest. Styled by Athena. Photography by Mr Bolaji

We often don’t see the gods in us, but sometimes we exhibit it in our acts. The darkness in the world makes us to believe it’s a fairytale and we live like darkness is the only thing that’s real and interesting, for anything can be done in darkness. It is said that darkness holds all the power, because it is raw, untapped and heavy with the possibilities of anything that can be done, but most times it turns us into who we are not. It connects us to a different sphere that is not real, that is meant to destroy humanity and all the good in the universe. We are made for this place, this earth, we are made to light it up and show the real beauty of it. Darkness hides faults, darkness doesn’t solve or better things, darkness blinds us and makes us live in fear, fear that makes us constantly fight and constantly struggle to convince ourselves of a different kind of reality. Light on the other hand just makes us see clearly what humanity is about and how beautiful our place on earth is.

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We are born with an infinite amount of light and this light grows with us, everyday. This light is meant to contribute, to be in league with every other source, to chase away and fade the darkness that looms in the universe. Darkness is just as blinding as light, and you can’t see far with no light or too much. That little light that you are born with needs you to grow so it can grow too, to see beyond the darkness ahead. We’re all little lights that need to bind together and hold steady the fort that is our world, to illuminate our ways to brighter and better futures. The problem with this plan is that a lot of “little lights” are put on from the wrong sources, the wrong side of things. In the time of creation when He said let there be light and there was light, it was unequivocal proof that this place, before the light was nothing but darkness, thick heavy darkness, that this place is owned by darkness and we are intruders.

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We fight everyday with everything, with ourselves and our identities, because this place is not for us, but we are built for this place. Darkness owns this place and we are the light built for it, the light that’s meant to brighten it up so we fight to conquer. To show the true beauty of it, because this place houses lost souls, souls that have lost their predisposition for good, that have lost for lack of a better word, their “instruction manuals”. These manuals are supposed to show them the their light, the what and the how and where of what their light is made up of, where it should be “installed” to contribute to and illuminate the beauty of the earth. Instead, they find the dark earth manual, the manual that’s written in darkness that contains information on how to make this place darker so that more power can be harnessed. The dark power that takes advantage of every little growing light finding a way, finding it’s source, the dark power that shames and bullies people, that drains the bright energy in us, leaving us weak and vulnerable. The dark power that when our light is gone, makes our fear come in, and brings us close to the visions of our inner monsters. We have to realize that it’s not that we’re completely good and devoid of evil, it’s that we don’t know we can just let go of one for the other. The darkness is in every one of us and all we really should do is choose. Choose your source, find your You. The real you, the right you, the you that fits into the here and the now. Not the you people want to see, but the you that sits well with you, no compromises.

Fashion of a goddess

We also have to realize that one source is not enough to eradicate this heavy cloak of darkness that has consumed many little lights and swallowed them up, but our little lights are sufficient for each one of us. It is in no way selfish to think that, because your light will always lead you in the right way and if we are all on the right path then we are not selfish because we will all see each other, we will all see what we are made for, the greatness in us and what we can do. The light leads us to the source and it’s at this source that we all converge and as our number increases our brightness goes up too and darkness cannot comprehend the light. So find your source today, find you.