Decorating The Body, Sheer Fashion 

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Fashion of our time is gradually changing and we are loving it, it’s changing from what it has been in the time past, even from what it has been in the recent past, new innovations and ideologies of how fashion relates with the body is changing.

Over the previous many years and generations fashion has been about to cover the body, it grew to shaping the body too and all kind of trends were invented to explore the shape of the body, the sexiness, the curves, it has been defining the shape of the body with clothes that glorify the beauty of the body, while some still cover the body with voluminous designs making it trendy while hiding the body underneath. The Art of clothes on the body has always evolves and have constantly grow with new trends three to four times in a year, different fashion homes and creative directors influencing how clothes on body is to be perceive, the beauty of it and how they speak of it.

Gradually a new trend is sipping into our existence and our wardrobe and our mentality about the idea of fashion and body we’re beginning to accept new concepts of how to harness the creativity and the beauty and the sexiness of the body in a clothes, how not only to wear clothes differently but to decorate it, like Marilyn Monroe said the body is too beautiful to be covered, our ideas are beginning to change the creative directors are tapping into this lines and making sheer clothes look beautiful on the body, with new kind of designs and colors on the sheer materials and the styling they are decorating the body not covering it anymore and it’s beautiful, it’s liberating, though as the mentality of the world that has believed that the body was meant to be covered and hidden in clothes, covering those beautiful skin. Good amount of money and dedication and treatment we put into achieving those smooth and ageless skin we own, with new technology breaking aging boundaries and for how much we care for our skin, the skin are meant to be flaunted and not hidden which is why instead of the body being covered the creative director are decorating it and making it beautiful.

With new trends and fashionable piece fluxing into the market from the runway, these new set of clothes and trends are ruling the runway and they are about to give us a run for our money as they are looking too beautiful for you not to want to own, even after the many criticisms that usually rock the industry about the diversity of body and how bodies are being represented in the industry, this decorative body Trends will change that a lot as your body takes over the clothes from underneath and it just expresses the beauty of your skin and the personality of your body, bringing it back to the individual on how to conquer your insecurities, guess it’s a better time for us to work on our personality and ego and our insecurities, it’s healing time.