Deeper Loving; Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day a day people celebrate love can often create an atmosphere of pressure and performance anxiety instead, but let’s celebrate the beauty and the glamour of love, the day of Red and chocolate and wine and beautiful music, of lust and love, lovers renew their vow and love again under the cloud watching and naming a star after the moment, the beauty and the thrills of love, it’s that season even the weather scream it, let’s experience the love in our heart the voice in the head will whisper.

For we express our love differently, how we enjoy it even but always worth it with the one you want to be with for the rest of your life, someone that’ll get the inside jokes and laugh with you, your partner in crime. It’s a day of making wishes too just as it’s the day wishes come through and someone’s life will change forever.

So what is the secret to lasting love? Every year the advice is the same: The No. 1 way to stay connected is to allow yourself to grow with each other, letting each person be their unique self; respect and love them as they are, not as who you think they should be.

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Take turns listening to each other.

Sit with your partner and practice listening with the intention to learn more about them. Most of us listen to respond, and we aren’t fully present when others are sharing with us. Instead, come together with your partner and allow them to fully express themselves, when you let them do this, you’ll find yourself learning a lot more about them.

Create something together.

We’ve all heard that couples who play together stay together, but what about couples who create together? Cooking dinner together, creating trends and art together even can help you feel more present Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. When we create, it releases neurotransmitters in our brain, which help connect us to the moment. And beyond that, when we make something together, we’re simultaneously sharing glimmers of our true selves with each other. Sometimes creating together can even involve literally combining our essences and manifesting something in the world that’s part each of us—for any two people, it’s a way of bonding themselves together and legitimizing a union.

Do something that allows each person to grow as individuals.

Loved and dedicated your time to the relationship and you might lose when the relationship is over, left with a shell of yourself. So many of us forget to put our own needs first in relationships. Practicing self-love is not selfish but strong. It’s the key to a healthy partnership, and it starts with honoring your own desires. Have you always wanted to take a sewing or makeup class, learn a new language, or start a blog? The inner nudges coming to you are important, and you shouldn’t ignore them.

Engage with your physical senses.

Our five senses are the pathways through which we communicate, relate, and connect with other people. One way to deepen our connection with our partner is to practice interacting with and interpreting them through each sense individually. You’d be surprised by how much new information you can gain about your partner when you’re focusing only on the sound of their voice and nothing else, or the taste of their kiss, or the feel of their skin.

To engage with each other through sight, for example, try sitting in front of your partner and staring into their eyes silently. Using only your eyes, give each other a compliment without saying anything. Let them see the love you share with only the eyes.

As this day is here new and different from what day it was at this time of last year, so is the opportunity to get it right this time, to experience deeper love, new thrill, new and upgraded joy.