Dem Jaycurbs Fashion Style

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IMG-20140601-WA002IMG-20140601-WA004IMG-20140601-WA001Not just the music,they’ve got what’s more than the voice.The Style!
A sneak peak of Dem Jaycurbs photo session with The Dream Concept shows how stylish these guys are and how good they are with clothes,with almost same sense of style see them as they rock different outfit, Vintage, Tshirt casuals, Tank Top and their cool retro blend.
With two new singles rocking the air waves you don’t want to miss listening to the joint “Choir Master” and “Signal” you should hit the download button, you’ll enjoy the dance you’ll create when you do.

1 Comment

  1. somboiy

    06/02/2014 at 18:59

    Nice jabb bro,keep it up

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