Desk Job

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It’s 2am and I’m still awake for reasons am still trying to phantom. Anyway my insomnia your gain, since I can’t find sleep why not write?.

This is going to be the first chocolate dipping you get off this chocolate factory so jump on your bed (if you’re female get your usher as a certain friend of mine calls it and if you’re male, I heard imperial leather also works wonders), get under the covers and explore…..

The walk from the car park to the ticketing booth is usually not a distance but the fact that my black mini skirt kept hiking made it the longest five minutes ever  especially with eyes boring into my back and all I could hear in my head  was the various hypocritical voices of the women at the airport cursing and swearing at how much of a slut I was….anyway that one na their saka as long as I got my dark LV shades on I really nor send.

I eventually made it to the booth safe without any casualties…*whew* , bought my ticket and headed to the waiting lounge to await my flight. There was however a little problem, how to climb the stairs with a man and his wife behind me seeing as I went commando. I quickly invented a phone call and allowed them move ahead of me.

Finally, I’m sitting and waiting but my mind  was already in Eko and all I could think about was how my hunger was going to be sated. The flight is announced and I had to go through the pretense of making a call so everybody can go ahead of me, it worked and since I travel light I don’t even have to bother about over head  luggage space.

Some 50minutes later , the uneventful flight is over and  I’m in Eko and this time am the first one off the plane and straight into his arms I went. Hand in hand we walked into the underground garage to pick up the car. On rounding a dark corner, he pushed me against a car and kissed me senseless without touching me.

As soon as I closed  the car door I realized it was game night and AFC had a game …..choiiiii this was some serious bad market seeing as oga was a staunch and ardent fan of the cursed club . Sorry I have to digress a little  and sorry to my future readers who are AFC supporters but can a club continue to lose every season? So bad that some of their players have never seen a trophy on the club’s shelf  much more hold it sef, me I think Arsene  should contact SCOAN.

As wizkid will say back to the matter, anyway I started plotting ways I was gonna distract him from the game because I needed a fix badly. I’m still plotting when I heard “babes hope you don’t mind us stopping by the office to watch the game to avoid traffic?”….I mumbled a low yes.

We drove into the  office complex and alighted from the car, climbed upstairs and he turned on the t.v . As the gods who understood my situation would have it, first half  had just ended. I quickly stood in front of him, stylishly dropped my keys and bent over to pick it.

Babes you travelled without panties? He asked me

Yes. I replied

He stood up at a speed faster than light abi is it sound that’s faster? Toh I can’t remember which is which but next thing is am on the desk while he’s standing in between my legs kissing me….

Sorry peeps but I suddenly feel sleepy.

I promise to bring you the concluding part soonest…. ciao *yawns*

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