Different Chakras and Energies

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Chakra Within the system of chakras there are seven chakras and each of them is a part of the energies of the body.

The red-ray or root chakra deals with issues of survival and sexuality.

The orange-ray chakra found in the area of the lower intestines deals with the relationship of self to self and the relationship of self to people around you on a personal level.

The yellow-ray or solar plexus chakra deals with issues of groups and the self. If you have married your mate, for instance, that energy has moved from an orange to a yellow-ray vibration. Family, work environment, your relationship with groups such as churches and other communities, all have the characteristics of yellow-ray work.

The heart chakra or the green-ray chakra is the first chakra at which there is the possibility of energy transfer and it contains that energy which this instrument calls Christed or that energy of unconditional love. The green-ray energy system is the springboard for the remaining chakras of your body.

The throat chakra or the blue-ray chakra deals with open communication and inclusivity.

The indigo-ray or brow chakra deals with issues with work in consciousness. If you are a person that enjoys meditation, for instance, you are doing indigo work. If you enjoy walks in nature, the reading of inspirational materials, or work in visualization, these are also indigo-ray works.

The remaining chakra, found on the crown of the head, is the violet-ray chakra and is a simple readout of your system-wide rate of vibration at a particular time.

-Q’uo -The Law Of One

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(Dated: 2005 Oct 15)