Different Moments and Life

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Our down moments makes us human again, though very tough most times and lots of questions we ask during those times, to the point we sometimes you just wish for a ridiculous wish, it kills us when we can’t figure it out or come to resolution of what actually was supposed to be done at that moment wishing you could bring back time to do it right and better to avoid the current situation you’re going through right now, you could wish that much to want to make it right just for you to have peace at this moment. The pain of the restlessness where nothing makes sense, nothing’s interesting as the only thing you feel is the steady sorrowful pinch of your conscience that makes you look dull and withdrawn, our emotions can’t hide it, they bring it out and kills us the more, more endless worries and thoughts of the pain of the consequences, gauging how much of it we can bear and preparing for the worst sometimes, the truth of our conscience.

Most times our worries don’t tell us the truth, they blinds us and kill the supposed time to look for possible ways of resolve, worries distracts you from the next step, discouraging most times, that’s worries.

What goes on in our mind are endless and controlling them, the Yoga doctrine will teach you the essence of motivation and to get things right in your head calmly and you being in control, their doctrine teaches you how to be in love with yourself and understanding yourself, it helps you connect to yourself helping you lose all worries and relaxing you to figure out how possible you could be good to yourself. Our worries most times get us stressed up and we look weary and sad, people sometimes care that much to ask you if something is wrong or how they can help take you out of that moment, but really at those moments you yourself don’t know what could help make those moment go away. They’re ruthless the way they take over you, all your power they strip off you and they took control making you a slave that wants to escape but don’t know how, the powerlessness, with the weak strength you still fight to get out of the bondage of the unknown guilty and fear and regret rush of emotions and feelings. Our senses just get dull and distracted making us reacting sometimes unconventionally of us to situation that would have been a form of interest, fun we tend to find most times as boredom gets us easily to our down mood so creating interesting things we thrive to think more, interesting lifestyles and the learn of luxury making life beautiful and fun, so the only way to freedom now became fun and when it’s fun it’s interesting.

A taste of luxury don’t come cheap, a price for passion and dedication and the pride of want. They interpret you, your worth and your taste, they just show how much beautiful taste you have. To some it’s ridiculous and appalling and they often think it’s wasteful but just because we all want different taste or our definition of luxury doesn’t make one general sense. Our hopes shape our taste, our dreams and happiness and illusion the magic of our thoughts they build our luxury. We dream different in different shades and colors which makes us wake differently and we live differently, just like Coco said Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity. We can get these things but the amount of push you give it is the result that shows, the angle at which we push also reflects.

When you’re down you’re down nothing brings you up until it fades, when it fades that’s the only time you get to come back to life again but you can use the down times to reflect on you and your choices.