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TY Bello and Tope Alabi

I love how I’m feeling right now, the feel of joy and real life, of love and truth, the dawning reality of this is happening, like a future that will never come, fuck it let’s party with the spirit all night and all day if possible. Ruby Sparks pops up in form of an album.

Let the fire consume you, the brightness of his glory, wisdom and power. Took me forever to realize who the fuck I am, guess I’ve been smoking wrong but he welcome me like the prodigal son. We do shit but our heart is good, we want high to feel alive differently and be true without hate but the society poison us against each other.

To win with real intentions be ready to sacrifice it all, let him take the lead and shape you, he’ll beat your imaginations, he’s that God many never discover but go to church to learn bit of him; like the comparison between Polytechnic and University graduates, to know him well you’ll have to discover him yourself, not by attending church alone, the choice is yours, though he will come like who you did not expect, God is great for real.

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TY Bello and Tope Alabi

The Spirit of Life album by TY Bello and Tope Alabi is the perfect musical gift of this year, Lana Del Rel dropped her anticipated album too, Asa is next on the list to bless us with her fourth studio album. The world is grateful for this collaboration, a must listen to album before you die, it will fill you, let it take you away. We’ve all got different journey to undergo in life, even though its leading nowhere right now, its leading you somewhere in the end, we’re blessings to people if we find our truth, we’ll discover The Spirit of Life, spirit of leadership. Artistes speak truth their own way, just listen. TY Bello is inspiring, singing truth expressing the glory of God through her works, lyrics mixed with her voice, the band and the Holy Spirit will possess you to listen attentively; his spirit is life, all glory belongs to him; our worship we bring to you O’God, worship him from the purity of your heart and pray too.

Like the Prince of Egypt sound track duet by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston, so is this Spirit of Life Collaboration between TY Bello and Tope Alabi, one of its kind, gospel Distance Relatives and not under rated, a masterpiece that took over not just radio but our personal playlist also, we appreciate art differently though, the songs are addictive, TY Bellos’ albums are. Greenland album is still on my playlist, The Morning Songbook lasted 3 years on my playlist and from January till date Spirit of Life has been the most played album on my list.

You give birth to yourself when you find yourself, you’ll be rewired and tuned to his presence, he created thunder, thrilling when it strikes, the energy, lighten and the attention it create, especially at night the cloud make beautiful and dark, deities are sub gods, no one like him fuck it.

For you to appreciate The Spirit of Life, take a chill pill and go back to GreenLand and The Morning Song Book, you feel great when you listen to good music, your spirit will lift and your soul will shift if it is in the wrong place, it will lead you to the light.