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You don’t wait for a particular day to start living, you live everyday regardless of what the day holds. 

 Distractions are always attractive, beautiful appearing real, they always catch your attention and you may not be able to dodge the web until you’re caught in it. That just define sexy.
Sexy is beautiful, it complete and make that moment perfect, with happy smiles and wonderful butterflies flying within us and we just want to loose our inner self and be free again, the freedom we unconsciously crave for but can’t act it because of our societal believes and what our local environment expect us to be. Sexy is then been seen as loose and unworthy, sult and uncultured making us to live one sided, loosing or not recognizing the other part of our greatness.  

It is often said live normal and loose the ability to discover how wonderful and powerful you are, they fear the day you discover you, because that will be the beginning of a new era, the beginning of new discovery of you and how great you can actually do things and make the world colourful.  

We dream in colours and colours are always beautiful which is why we should make the world colourful, dress beautiful and get those complement, make beautiful butterflies fly within someone that’s worth it. 

 Sexy is everyday not for a special occasion or for someone in particular, you don’t wait for a particular day to start living, you live everyday regardless of what the day holds. For everyday you wake up to see, it’s an opportunity to show the world how beautiful you are, how happy you can be. The selfish don’t always get the whole reward they loose along the way, making someone smile can make you smile too, making someone appreciate how beautiful you look can take the stress of the day away and start a new day even in midday. Sexy is not loose, rather not been sexy is bondage, harbouring a special gift inside.  

Everything has got an expiring date and what happen to groceries you didn’t not open till it’s expired… Waste, been wasteful is never cool because people need that, some people will give anything to have that and how does that make you feel Reckless and Unappreciative and Wicked, we all hate wicked people deep within us even though we try to forgive them because our doctrines says we should forgive people. 

 Sexy is beautiful and freedom, that’s all we want Freedom, to be ourselves and act ourselves.

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