Dowel Inspiring a Sexy Weekend

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Sexy Teen

Dowel. Shot by Sammi, edited by Dowel

Life is beautiful they’ll always say because yes life is and taking pictures is beautiful too, the expression of your being and personality and the sense and ideas that has made you to be the version that you are at that age showing the vibe and the sexiness that’s embedded in your DNA because as humans we are beautiful and sexy and we know it but the world try to hide it away from us, making us to find out who we are by ourselves in our own best way, though it can be tough sometimes, but it’s worth it every time, the journey of becoming who we are and the flaunting of the skin that has house us since birth.

The weekend is here, time for that break, time to come alive for we are made for this time of the week, to relax and forget the work environment, to party like it’s 99 and enjoy life, even if it’s posing for the camera, having nice time with your lover, hanging out with friends and doing interesting crazy that will make a beautiful moment when you remember the fun of the weekend during the new week, let’s show some skin.Teen Artist

For men are great too and they can flaunt their body too because it’s what makes us, our skin is what hold our pride and Dowel is making us crush today even when it’s not Monday, his pose in this casual weekend shoot makes us want to be a teen again, some-body goals and vibe that we want to keep, casual but speak of the vibe of the young and the charm of being an artiste, the freedom of life and the love of being in front of the camera, owning time looking handsome with sexy vibes.

We hate bad energy because it drain us, and nobody want to be drained of his good energy, so only good vibes is allowed here, only brilliant mind that understand the beauty of the skin and the flaunting of it, even the expression of the beauty in the creation created by the creator. So as human we can radiate beautiful energy, and good vibrations, that’s what’s allowed here.Sexy Nigerian Teen

It’s the weekend, let’s come alive and be fun and possess the vibe of being young and free and wild, that’s the vibe of this weekend and that’s what Dowel is making us want to enjoy.