Drinking With This Girl Was Fun

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Drinking Friends

Drinking with this girl was fun; she’s the girl in my head, perfect, friendly and jovial. We’re connected in different ways, so unbelievable we grew up in the same town, attended same school but we did not know. Today we let loose to drink together; she’s the perfect girl to drink with.

It was a pre-planed day to be fucked up, to lose all sense of decency and be stupid with no caution. I tried not to create a vivid scene of what the hangout should look like, I’m already into her. It’s a meant to be crazy day, she’s a drunk and I love her. Never thought she’ll be this fun the first day we met, she was so official but everything changed last week when she told me she’s a friend of my roommate.

Not everything I planned came as intended, it was more perfect and interesting than I hoped for, she’s the kind of girl one’ll wish for. We did not know when it became dark, we were drunk, her story and life pattern look similar to mine, she’s coming from a familiar place, interesting and scary, like who the fuck is this girl. She’s perfect, alive and hot, her dark cleavage and thought of her breast filled my mind, thinking of the many things I could do with them. I wish we had eternity to spend together; I’ll love to hang out with her again.

Drinking Day

Can’t remember what we talked about but I know it was about us, the life we’ve lived and the one ahead, we were in the moment and didn’t give a fuck drunk, we laughed harder than how girls in this area will laugh, free with no caution, with no thought of being professional. I love to eat my stale dinner when I wake after been I’m drunk a night before; as I write in the early hours of this morning, my dinner is on the table but I can’t spare a minute not writing about this girl, her pretty smile, her scarlet red lipstick, her eyes and her giggles fill my drunk thought, her craft too.

We came from a similar place, I’ll love to hang out with her every day even without the sex, though sex with her will be interesting, her breast and smile, her face and eyes what they’ll look like when she strips was one thing my thought brings up often. Her talks I love, her sense of humor is awesome and she’s a fan of Amy Winehouse. Her craft and ideas are special and different, breaking boundaries, which explain her photography sense, beautiful, bold with a vibrant appeal. She captures good moment even when she’s not behind the lens, creating beautiful memories that will linger in your head for a long while is her thing, her laugh and way of life.

We had so much fun drinking and sharing ideas, we were transported from the norm. Having these common similarities feels like déjà vu in a different shade but whatever it is, it’s a prove that living this way is fun, free and daring. With a different person living this kind of life, it makes one want to live a life of more fun.