Drunk Lust

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Female Art

All night I play the tune of my lust to you drunk, you thought I was alive but I was blacked out as we play. The lust of my heart was guiding me to pleasure and flow with the rhythm of your lust, your body craved mine and my drunkenness gave you more than what I have in mind to give. All of me was given to you drunk and you loved it because nobody has ever made you feel this way, satisfying your vanity.

Your moaning whispers kept us alive; your dead with pleasure looking eyes gave the cue to continue with the rhythm of our vanity. The communication between my finger and your pink moist inside made you more alive than you’ve ever been, full dose of this is what your body wants. The universe brought us together to feed the lust of our heart, fantasies that has kept us awake many nights wishing for this day to come, this day finally came when we least expected, oh happy day.

Alternative ArtTake me away with you to the core of your heart and tell me what you want me to do with your body, what no one has ever done to you that you wish for, your wild thought, let me act the lyrics of your heart to live and make you the woman you never thought you could be.

Don’t stop dreaming wild, don’t stop fantasizing about the vanity you want, you wanting it is all that matters, not what the society think, your body is irresistible, so is your wild, it’s a mix of the past, the present and the future. Cum onto me and I’ll cum inside of you to make creampie, this revolution of you will be between us and the room we stayed to actualize this us.

We don’t drink and drive, we drink and fuck our brains out, it’s fun that way especially when it’s Friday, the sins we intend for Friday we’re experiencing already.