Early Alicia Keys Vibe; Linda

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Seeing her for the first, she’s pretty and charming, you really can’t resist not talking to her, charming and tender, her voice soft and the expression her face make when she talk will keep you talking to her, pretty eyes and good sense of humor.

She’s that kind of girl you’ll call instagram or picture obsessed, she’s got everything to make a perfect picture, great body and pretty smile. The hair she came with took me back to the early days of Alicia Keys, she was that tender too, you just want to handle her with care, the fits of the hair gave her a different look from the first time we saw her. Her outfit today was a off shoulder gown with cape round the top of it and a brown suede wedge boot, with her early Alicia hair, a glossy black bag with a gold plated chain strap and a ray ban with a pinkish lens and her beautiful shy smile.

Just like Alicia Keys, she’s down to earth and she shock me more when we got talking on how pictures are fun to collect and how the picture culture of the world has grown, everybody now love pictures and take shuts at every single opportunity, saving every minute with beautiful pose and she replied “I hate taking pictures” I was shock and taking aback because if you want to judge her you’ll say she must be a picture loving sexy, not that am hearing this for the first time but coming from her it’s sounds odd kind of, so I ask why she hates it and it got interesting, “I can’t stand looking at myself” she said, wow was the first word I could afford to utter.

Not everybody can really stand that, seeing yourself it’s usually overwhelming sometimes, not even knowing what to feel if you see your picture, the energy it drains out of you for that little moment is something you can’t really explain. The beautiful part of it is she’s pretty in picture just as she is in real life, her pose and vibe while taking picture is just the kind of vibe and charm you’ll love to see, self and free no serious pose.

Her sense of style is interesting and calm, she gives the vibe of a cool girl, but fun and always alive and not shy, she’s a twenty first century lady.

Model – Linda

Photography by Jojo Spitta for Qnipz