New Month, Feel It, Feel the Vibe

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December 2017Cynthia Olorungbon. Photography by Motolani Olorungbon

Welcome to the new month of love and party, month of lots of hangout and hangover for some, it’s the month where families come together again, it’s the holiday season with lots of things to shop, already it’s count down to Christmas and New Year already, it’s that time of the year to count our blessings and be grateful, for it’s December.

With the different memories that has made this year, the good ones and the bad ones, the erotic ones and the ones that made us smile at how fun those moments are, those stupid decisions that has cause us to learn, the falling in love and the sealing of love with the wedding band, the wishes and the buys, the hopes and the achieved, it’s been a year of memories it’s been 2017 so far, the 20th year celebration of Fela’s ancestorization, it’s been a year of beautiful pictures.

As the year rounds up, lots of regrets we might probably have of unfulfilled goals, it’s never too late to achieve those goals again, to re-strategize again, to plan for the remaining days, for the New Year ahead and while we plan for the New Year don’t forget to live and feel the moment, every moment of this New Month, the good and the parties, the love in the air and the sex and don’t forget to drink responsibly and don’t drive drunk.

Happy New Month we say to everybody, let’s love this month, let’s hangout, let’s make beautiful memories that we’ll remember 2017 for, let’s make happy moments, #TGIF