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As I sat there thinking about what I do, and who I represent, I wondered if I, myself, fit into this “young professional” category. I mean, I am young, and I do consider myself to be a professional, but somehow I knew we might not have been addressing the big picture regarding everyone who might also fall into that group.

When we about think how we use the term, in most situations we are referring to the corporate world, i.e. a person who is employed in a profession or has a white-collar job. Almost as if the word professional automatically refers to those who have a higher education or are working in a “professional” field. 

Being a professional should not only refer to corporate workers and those in business suits, but anyone who makes a living at something and takes that job seriously — someone who constantly tries to improve, grow, and better themselves. Some may not look, or walk, or talk like a stereotypical “professional” but they can be one nonetheless.

Being in this industry as a nude model, I find it both refreshing and bothersome when it comes to booking work. Some may see nude as art, or porn, or maybe both and categorize according to their views. 

I’ve been approached by several photographers who figured I must be “open-minded” because I’m comfortable in my skin. Their forwardness in our collaborations often confuse me, because I never see my work as an open door to make advancements. A woman’s naked body belongs to her, and only her, and what she decides to do with her body is her choice.

What I love the most about being my own version of professional, is the lives of others I’ve been able to touch and inspire. Nothing beats getting emails from women and men who feel empowered by their nudity.

Serenity Hart 


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