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 ‘…it is okay to sell what’s between a woman’s legs more than it is okay to mention its inner workings; the recreational use of this body is seen as beautiful while its nature is seen as ugly’. — Rupi Kaur 

It was hard enough getting my period in grade 4 (I think I was a “normal” bloomer) and trying to function for the long week of emotional hormones, it was stressful. Not to mention the cramps, and the embarrassment, when I got a stain on my pants (that happened to everyone at least one right?) 

We have code words for our period, “rag, time of the month, mother nature” anything to avoid having to say my vagina is bleeding. Well, we know that wouldn’t be very lady like now. But what about period sex? That time of the month sex?

I’ve dealt with different partners who either didn’t mind it, embraced it, or thought it was straight up disgusting. And I had to ask myself, if my partner thought it was gross or inappropriate, how can I be okay with him loving only the parts of me he approves? I am a woman, this is apart of my journey. But more importantly why did I accept that as being okay?

We’ve excluded boys from the process of the menstrual cycle, as though they haven’t any reason to understand it. We only express the important part of where to stick it and how to wrap it up – this is a start. A woman’s cycle is just as much the business of a man as it is a woman. They came from the life of a cycle, they depend on her cycle and are affected by it every month.

During our periods is when we (most girls) are most fertile and dtf (down to fuck), but usually wait a week before getting any action because of the stigma attached to it. I mean its just blood. However other fluids like cum, and squirting are totally sexy and a turn on. 

Our reproductive system is the birth channel of life, yet we shame girls into thinking its a curse? To hide it and even punish those with mutilation for “religious purposes”. Its important to shape girls into believing they are whole beings, and that starts with allowing them to embrace their bodies as is, we don’t need fixing. Just let her flow.  

Call To Action:

Tampon tax is real. Women everywhere pay their governments extra to have periods! (Can be believe this?) 
Just to bring this topic around full circle, I came across the No Tax on Tampons on Change.org (you should sign the petition) a few months ago, I was in total disbelief. This isn’t only happening in Canada, but also Australia, United States, UK, and Hungary serving the highest tax of 27%. Yikes! I’ve been buying sanitary napkins since I was 16 years old and never noticed. But I did eventually make the switch to The DivaCup And honestly it takes a few cycles to get use to, but totally worth it in the long run, for your wallet and the environment! 

Serenity Hart

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