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Hello, Beautiful’s (Yes, I think you’re Beautiful)   
I’ve finally branched off my tree and decided to do a little writing, so since we last spoke (those who know me), you know I’ve moved to New York, as well as landed an ESL teaching gig in Italy for the summer! It’s been an amazing two months so far, including trips to Genoa, Milan, London, and most recently, Rome.
For Rome, I bribed my little sister with her first ever trip to Europe if her report card came home with all A’s and B’s! Well, even though she’s always been more of a B’s and C’s student, she made it happen! And so we are here in the heart of the Rome, taking selfies at the Colloseum (amazing right?), and I realize all of a sudden that I am frustrated at her lack of excitement in exploring this beautiful city and its rich history. I had this vision of us running around town with a long list of Must See’s, barely thinking about eating or sleeping, but my reality set in, and so did my disappointment.

I mean, I love my sister to death, but I felt like my efforts weren’t enough somehow and now our special vaca was ruined. The sisterly bonding moments I had so looked forward to were not what played out. And she didn’t seem to be affected by it. But this story isn’t about Rome, or my little sister Venus. It’s about expectations — you know those ideas you have about things which you think would make everything perfect for others (and for you)? Well, when we expect things to be a certain way, or for the people in our lives to act a certain way we are most often left disappointed. But our expectations do not govern the actions of others. Unfortunately, we’re programmed to believe we can change people by letting them know what is right for them (or for us). In reality, however, we should learn to accept and adapt to situations.
When we remove expectations we open ourselves to a profoundly different experience, ridding ourselves of pain and disappointment. Now, of course there are some things we feel we should be able to expect from the people closest to us, e.g. our partner, our family members, our friends. Like that phone call (or at least a message!) on your birthday. Which never comes. Or it does come, but belatedly. What does that mean to us? That they don’t care about us? They don’t LOVE us? Not at all, but meanwhile that story sticks to us like white on rice unless we’re able to confront it (if ever). And worse, that story we carry around may have started a fight, or even ended a relationship, because we made one action (or the lack thereof) mean something else.
Bear in mind I’m not saying not to be hurt or disregard our feelings. We need to speak up, express our confusion or hurt – it’s the only way to air things out. But also keep in mind the underlying expectations we hold regarding the ones we love. Venus didn’t ruin our vacation or even mean to come off as ungrateful, she was simply adapting to her surroundings the best way she knew how, and as an 11-year old, she might naturally cling to the familiar – e.g. shopping malls and karaoke – and dismiss all the new and unfamiliar.
Bottom line: I learned (the hard way) that my views on what I want for her in life are just that, my views. We can mold and groom our loved ones into versions of ourselves, or just leave them enough space, and give them enough water, to let them find the sunlight to blossom on their own, and find their own pathways to Beautiful.  

Naturist Headlines 

“We’re an endangered species’: Fewer nudists, more voyeurs as times change at Wreck Beach” — Mary Jean Dunsdon (aka Watermelon) 

Dunsdon raises a lot of good points including the growing concern of the use of camera phones, and textiles taking over the clothing optional/nude beaches in town. Tom Dunn, spokesman for Van Tan Nudist Club, Canada’s oldest naturist club at 76 years, says “There appears to be an issue around the younger people being attracted to come and try the lifestyle.” Which is so true and scary to process. The idea that this “movement” is being held down by the more mature generation is one of the main reasons why our young adults todays are suffering with body image issues. Our perception of “real bodies” is so hard to differentiate between, leaving us to seek out extreme ways to “fix” ourselves. 


We came across this mural, Murale Contro Femminicido in San Lorenzo, Rome that was painted in memory of the women murdered in Italy in 2012. On average one murder took place every two days, with 63% of them being domestic violence cases. 

 In 1907, Maria Montessori opened her first school “Casa dei Bambini” in this working class neighbourhood (yes, all those private schools you see across the world was originated as a public school!). The school was later bombed during WWII causing the death of over 1,500 people and leaving the remains of the town with murals, street art and stories. Nothing beats ambling around and stumbling onto public works of art made by beautiful people with passion.

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If you’ve scrolled down this far, I’m glad I’ve piqued your interest. As a naturist and self love enthusiast, I strive to empower women and help them explore their rawest forms alone and together. I am a lover and a listener with a heart of gold. I will help you learn to embrace your nakedness and see your “imperfections” as strengths and empower you to feel as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside. When you shine, we all shine!

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  1. Jerome F Cherry

    04/16/2018 at 07:53

    I am late in discovering your Embrace your Nakedness interview with the Naked Club. I appreciate the confidence you possess. I believe you are a beautiful woman, inside and out,

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