EmbraceYourNakedness – ThrowBack “Statement Deeper Than Taking Off My Clothes”

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Displaying my nakedness as a black woman is not the only point of the movement #EmbraceYourNakedness it’s a statement deeper than taking off my clothes for an audience. Black women, you, us – me, have fallen into a social construct of desire and ebony erotism. 


Our naked bodies in the media are so hyper sexualised we have turned into props for profit. Our curves and our culture have become a tool for marketing, like a sweatshop, with gap wages so wide we find comfort in our struggles and further consume. Feeding into the very thing that exploits us. —  

Shot by: Gary Arsenault 

Location: Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

Model: Serenity Hart 

Year: 2012 

Serenity Hart

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