Embracing Your Sexy… Pryamine

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Sexy Ebony

Let’s get wet, let’s go live with our feelings, let’s be real for once even more than once, let’s be alive and fall in love with our body for that is us, the real us that’s making us to be who we are created to be, the person and the skin that has house us since we’ve been on this planet called earth, for our skin and complexion and what we feel is the person we are and we can’t be ashamed of who we are because the society will only make us to feel less and be appreciative of the body that’ve lived in all lives less, for we are sexy and beautiful just as we are created and we love us because we are created in his own image and we are human.

Hoes will be like: we ate his money 💵 , don’t gloat bitch, he has a budget for hoes, reasons why I’m never loyal to this niggas 🤣🤣🤣 they don’t get my attention with a hoe budget . @pryamine to the worldPryamine

Many ladies of this generation want approval from the male folks because it’s one legitimate way to make money and be approved but not finding the real love from themselves all they want for their ego is the money and the lust the guys give to them to show how approved they are and they get carried away and when he’s done getting all the love and satisfying the lust of his heart they get left behind and they hate not only on him but on themselves for allowing themselves to be used and now they’re the ex.

It’s ok to fall for true love, at least the kind of true love you feel at the moment but the reason why you fall for those love declaration is the reason behind the hurt you feel when you break up, maybe infatuation maybe the real love for his money and his affection is the reason why you fell in love with everything but you is you and until you can find you and your sexuality and tell yourself how beautiful and sexy and attractive you are without him telling you how he feels you are will set you free.Instagram Pryamine

So embrace you and your personality, embrace how sexy and pretty and sexy and beautiful and how lovely and the much you can do for you because before he came to your life, it was you that survived you and it’s you, you’ll always need because even if he told you you’re beautiful and sexy and sultry it will be the you you’ll need to accept that declaration, so love yourself first and embrace your body and how sexy you are and how you embrace you. Love your body, love your skin, love your sexiness and be you for you are goddess and you’re beautiful.Sexy Nigerian Girl